What would you like to see at Princess Vlei? NEW ‘IMAGINE PRINCESS VLEI’ INITIATIVE; LAUNCH DATE: 23 FEBRUARY 2013, 09H30 at PRINCESS VLEI/ World Design Capital 2014

The Princess Vlei Forum

Come and share your ideas for how this space can be developed to honour our cultural and environmental heritage.

This year, the Princess Vlei Forum will be collecting and developing ideas to enhance the natural beauty of Princess Vlei, and to create a public space to be enjoyed now and by future generations. We plan to take these ideas to the City Council, and to send a proposal for a community-driven design project for the World Design Capital.

We are launching this initiative on 23 February 2013 at 9.30 am. At the launch we will:

* Present the ideas developed so far in the People’s Plan.
* Invite you to explore the space in a walk around part of the vlei.
* Ask you to record your ideas on a map.
* Ask for ideas on how we can get the community involved in this project.

We are also calling for organisations to partner with us in this exciting venture.

For more information go to www.princessvlei.co.za

http://www.princessvlei.org/contact/ Contact the Forum or send an email to

World Design Capital 2014

World Design at Princess Vlei

The World Design Capital is to be hosted by Cape Town in 2014, with the theme “Live Design, Transform Lives”. The previous events and the current one in Helsinki have shown that the notion of ‘design’ as a tool can be interpreted widely. It encompasses the creative way of conceiving objects, places and spaces, as well as processes.

The City’s vision is for us to work together to transform our city into one of the most inclusive, sustainable, liveable and productive on the African continent. For this to happen, the activities of WDC 2014 should have meaning to ordinary people and designs must be relevant to the needs of society. It thus begs the question, what are the key challenges we face, and how do we use design as a transformative medium to achieve our objective?

The WDC platform offers a wonderful opportunity for our communities to build partnerships with NGO’s, academia, professionals, business, designers, and government to promote, nurture and transform the conceptual people’s plan for Princess Vlei into a design for a high quality multi-purpose district urban park. This idea has already been mooted in the now approved Cape Town Spatial Development Framework, as well as the District Spatial Plan. The efforts of the Princess Vlei Forum to-date have served to highlight the cultural value of the landscape, bridge historic divides, build partnerships, reconnect people with the meaning and spirit of place, and rebuild social and economic inclusion.

But how do we harness the problem-solving powers of our designers, and the creativity and resourcefulness of our communities, to create innovative solutions that will improve the quality of lives through design? This is our challenge, and we invite you to participate in the discourse of how we can best celebrate overcoming our own problems in the face of adversity. You might have the energy, an innovative idea, information, inspiration, a dream, or resources that can be shared to invent practical design solutions to on-the-ground problems in a collaborative way.

We encourage you to join hands with the PVF and to visit our website as well as that of the WDC 2014 – get involved, help inspire the youth, help build a legacy, make our area safe, celebrate our diversity, experiment, and be creative.

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