‘The Gantouw Boma is coming along …Eland are on their way to Zeekoevlei


Dalton Gibbs

The boma along Peninsula Rd is coming along and will soon be complete. It will house the five eland that are scheduled to arrive toward the end of October. A Wendy house has been erected to help with the logistics and rearing of the young Eland over the next few months. These young animals will then be led into the veld on a daily basis and used as a browsing management tool to deal with the extensive bush encroachment that is occurring in our natural vegetation.

Eland have been absent from the Cape Flats for the past few hundred years and these animals represent their return to the Cape Flats. They will be obtained as young animals and hand raised and tamed down. They will be accompanied each day by field staff to manage their browsing area and look after them.

If successful, these animals will be used across Cape Town; being moved between various sites as a browsing management tool. In this phase the present infrastructure will move away from Peninsula Rd., which is being used in the test phase only. The Project is named after the Gantouw Pass; a rocky track that goes over the Hottentot Mountains near Sir Lowry’s Pass. This was known to the Khoi and early settlers as the route that the Eland took as they moved from the mountains down on to the Cape Flats from time to time.

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