Lack of vision in City/ Forum plans for Princess Vlei

The Princess Vlei Forum states the following: See the comment from CAMPS below.

Bridget Pitt, PVF

(1) the City did take the Camps Plan into consideration when drawing up the Draft Concept Development Framework (2) the Forum did not ‘take over’ the people’s plan, it organised a range of community forums where the plan has been debated and modified according to community wishes (3) The CAMPS plan costs close to R100 million, with no clarity as to how this is to be financed. This is not a competition about plans, it is about engaging the community in transforming Princess Vlei. It is also absurd to work in opposition. The Forum is open to anyone who wishes to join, including CAMPS.

CAMPS’ response:

You right Bridget, it is absurd to work in opposition, however what you have failed to take into consideration is that Camps has a concept and as for the cost, as I previously explained there is no need to have everything in our proposal on the Vlei, but no one from City contacted me to enquire about cost and what is R100 million as oppose to R576 million spent on Green Point Park. Why is it that our community cannot have that kind of money spent in our areas? What you also fail to understand is that ‘the people’s plan started in 2007 already when I signed an Mou with City with the Dressing of the Princess project., I had already engaged with communities about their vision for the Vlei, introduced ‘adopt-a-plot with various school, But be that as it may, the draft City has come up with regarding residential and commercial development is not viable for a wetland, it will change the soil, and interfere with plant and animal life. Did we not fight against a development because of the area? How can building houses on the Vlei prevent crime. I firmly believe that for anything to be successful on the Vlei, a concept is needed. Look at Cape Town Stadium- City’s plan, right now its a white elephant and a waste of tax payer’s money, they tried the market on the Vlei sometime back, it failed, the fish market failed because there was no concept to it. Look at Camps’s proposal, the concept, forget about the cost, look at it and imagine the braai area, the kids play area, the craft market, the fruit and veg stall, fish market, flower shop and tell me again why putting those units up won’t work. The units are placed on wooden sleepers, which won;t harm the soil, the proposal has a management plan, security plan, work off the grid, how can this be a problem?

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