City releases Draft Conceptual Framework for Princess Vlei – many questions left unanswered


Camps went to the Princess Vlei Open Day in Retreat where the City released its so-called Draft Conceptual Framework for Princess Vlei. We questioned the official regarding the following:

1. Since it is a wetland, what materials do they propose to use for their Sports and Recreation Centre, Craft Market, Braai areas, Amphitheatre
As no concrete is allowed on a natural space, this was a concern!
2. What about safety and security?
3. They propose a gym, using what?
Non of these questions were answered because he didn’t know.
There wasn’t a Khoisan Village, which begged the question as to how will the First Nation be honored since it is ultimately their land.

Why is it a problem for the Southern Suburbs to have a WORLD CLASS interactive space which could benefit the entire community and create jobs which are sorely needed.
If this is City’s draft, who gave the City this vision and where did it come from?

As things stand the CAMPS Proposal is the only world class proposal for this Site.

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