The People’s Plan for Princess Vlei

An exciting concept for Princess Vlei revealed…For too long people have been excluded from decisions about how our spaces should be used in this city, especially in less wealthy areas.
When I began with the rehabilitation project of ‘Dressing The Princess’, I would walk the banks and imagine something different there, something that would beautify the space and nurture both people and nature. Over the years, these dreams grew as more and more people joined the conversation about what they would like to see at Princess Vlei. I have spoken to pensioners, school children, nature lovers, historians, shopkeepers…people from all walks of life. As the ideas emerged, I put them together to form The People’s Plan. But this plan is just the beginning of a dream. our dream for the Princess, as encapsulated in the proposal is to enrich the community who love this Vlei…through realizing the People’s Plan.

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