15 Sept- 3 Vlei Race; Princess Vlei Forum to raise awareness- please join us bright and early on Sunday

To Princess Vlei Forum Supporters

Recently the Management Committee of Princess Vlei Forum decided a presence during this race was a golden opportunity to raise awareness.

I have spoken to the organisers and they are v happy with us standing with posters and banners as long as there is no mention of politics. So let’s get together (as many of us as possible) and even if more of us than banners, it is still effective. People can make their own banners but no mention of any political party or any politician.

The C Times Tutu banners from Avril and the painted one from Bridget and one maybe from Lofob storage can be held by individuals. If any of you have posters from the Stand in September last year can you bring those too.

The huge banner can be held up by several people if there is no tree. We will be standing for less than an hour.

We will meet at Princess Vlei Car Park at 6.30 am on 15th September. We will need to stand from 6.45 am to 7.45 am. Possibly a little less actually, but book that time out for yourselves at the Vlei. Dress warmly.

Either we will stand at the crn where the race turns from Klip/Victoria Rd into Prince George Drive or near the robots at the Vlei intersection. The race organisers are happy with either place. But we must be near the Vlei

So, if you are able to participate PLEASE join us. If you can email me and say you will be there that would be great, but if not, just turn up that morning.

Best wishes

Mea Lashbrooke
Princess Vlei Forum 074 101 1927 or 021 712 2806

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