‘The Gantouw Boma is coming along …Eland are on their way to Zeekoevlei


Dalton Gibbs

The boma along Peninsula Rd is coming along and will soon be complete. It will house the five eland that are scheduled to arrive toward the end of October. A Wendy house has been erected to help with the logistics and rearing of the young Eland over the next few months. These young animals will then be led into the veld on a daily basis and used as a browsing management tool to deal with the extensive bush encroachment that is occurring in our natural vegetation.

Eland have been absent from the Cape Flats for the past few hundred years and these animals represent their return to the Cape Flats. They will be obtained as young animals and hand raised and tamed down. They will be accompanied each day by field staff to manage their browsing area and look after them.

If successful, these animals will be used across Cape Town; being moved between various sites as a browsing management tool. In this phase the present infrastructure will move away from Peninsula Rd., which is being used in the test phase only. The Project is named after the Gantouw Pass; a rocky track that goes over the Hottentot Mountains near Sir Lowry’s Pass. This was known to the Khoi and early settlers as the route that the Eland took as they moved from the mountains down on to the Cape Flats from time to time.

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Report and minutes of the Princess Vlei Forum General Meeting held at LOFOB on 27 August 2015

Virtually all of the proposals as outlined here were identified and form part of the CAMPS Proposal for the site!


Everything the PVF are discussing is already in the Camps proposal, from management plan, khoisan village, khoisan heritage centre, security and so on.

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World Cup Rugby action on the big screen at Zeekoevlei Yacht club this weekend

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Recycling in Grassy Park/Zeekoevlei Reminder

The recyclers at the Scout Hall on Victoria Road and the M5 will take all clean recyclable items mixed together and they are open 7 days a week. The Scouts also get paid something for the use of the property.

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‘When we redefine public spaces, we redefine people and their thinking’ – Kelvin Cochrane

The degradation of Wetlands and Public Open Spaces reflects a history of our city Cape Town. Nature is not a given, but intermixes with society to produce socio nature. We are responsible for the environment we live in, and our socio natures reflect broader issues of power and justice in our City.

Lying on the Cape Flats, and centrally placed in Cape Town, Princess Vlei could build extensive relations and functions for multiple uses through the planning elements described below:

 Khoisan Village – the dedication of this project to the heritage and culture of the Khoisan People, that they as a people indeed deserve the status of being a First Nation Community.
And attract tourist abroad to a ‘must see destination’
 Craft Market- Cape Town has a traditional wealth of garment making talent and expertise, a tradition handed down through generations that produce the most fabulous garments and tailored suits.
 Kids Edu Centre/Play Park – A centre where kids can learn about their environment, where parents can bring kids during school holidays for holiday programmes and have peace of mind that they are safe and well taken care of.
 Memorial Centre/Khoisan Museum – A place where people can get to know the Khoisan, daily lectures will be given on the history of the Khoisan People in the Cape and elsewhere. It will be a cultural experience on Khoi life for both local communities and visitors brought to the Vlei through organised Tour Groups.
 Sunset Concert Park – There are so many talented artists in our communities, who for a lack of access to facilities that are community-driven; lose the opportunity to showcase their ability and talents, and thus also lose the opportunity to further their ability into a career.

In effect Princess Vlei can be made to tell multiple stories and histories with a very contemporary relevance: How were the forces of nature appropriated by the elite to create good healthy environment for certain groups of the City, while imposing degraded environments unto others in the Cape Flats.

Princess Vlei also speaks into the future of Cape Town, of how to create a just, inclusive and ecologically vibrant city.
Unemployment in South Africa is increasing daily, resulting in more people living below the ‘breadline’. This being said – It is essential to support an integrated approach to employment and decent work that focus on investing new initiatives such as Princess Vlei Project. Endorsing this project means job creation of sufficient quality to at least lift the people chosen on this project out of poverty in a sustainable way is a step in the right direction.
Investment in this project has the potential to stimulate socially cohesive attitudes in a community faced with numerous social challenges.

In all its facets, this is once again a truly Western Cape initiative aimed at restoring pride and dignity of a marginalised community, through expanding the reach of its beautiful space beyond its geographic limitations to be an integral part of the heritage and culture sites of this country.

This Project is all about the community – serving the community that fought to keep a space of historical and social significance by developing a space they can be proud of and that can attract the respect and interest of Tourist, Politicians, Environmental Groups and Businesses.

In Conclusion:
Good public open spaces is not an afterthought, nor is it a place where shrubbery looks beautiful.

Good public open spaces require activities, and an abundance of things to see and do.

It is very hard to create a public open space that is successful, meaningful and enjoyable, it is usually something that has to be fought for and then someone has to think really hard about every detail that has be done, someone needs to have a vision. They are opportunities for commercial investment, but they are also opportunities for the common good of a city and since those two goals are often not aligned with one another, therein lies the conflict.

The change to Princess Vlei will change the image of the Southern Suburbs, change the lives of the people in the area, but most importantly it will change the image of Cape Town.

We are truly confident that this project will be of interest to you as a potential investor.

072 510 8066 / 021- 705 1713

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National Khoi & San Council support CAMPS Proposal for Princess Vlei

Read here National Khoi

Good Day Dear Reader
In view of the proposal for Princess Vlei by C.A.M.P.S, we the National Khoi & San Council hereby would like to state that we approve of the Khoisan Village, Memorial Centre and the Boma area. We appreciate the time and effort shown to honour our heritage and culture on this precious land.
We have come a long way in wanting recognition for our culture, our land and our communities and this will certainly show us the recognition we deserve as the First Nation.

Korana, Bushmen, Griqua, Nama & Cape Khoi

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Zeekoevlei receives R28 million restoration to boost SA tourism

IOL, Cassidy Emmanuel

The False Bay coastline, which extends from Muizenberg to Gordon’s Bay, is going under a transformation to boost the area as a tourist destination in the Cape. This development will also focus on the False Bay Nature Reserve which is home to abundant birdlife and endangered Cape Flats sand fynbos.

As a result, Zeekoevlei (which is the only Ramsar site in the city) is getting an upgrade worth R28 million.

Millions of rand have been invested in the False Bay Nature Reserve to boost tourism and create employment opportunities.

Visitors will be able to cycle, walk, braai and picnic along the eastern shore of Zeekoevlei following a R28-million injection.

Alan Winde, the MEC for Economic Opportunities, said the project was a catalyst for the development of the False Bay coastline, which is being developed as a major tourist destination from Muizenberg to Gordon’s Bay.

Nearly 250 local people were employed over 2½ years to complete the project that had the support of all three spheres of government.

On Tuesday, national Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom, Winde and Cape Town’s deputy mayor, Ian Neilson, unveiled a plaque and planted a Milkwood tree during the official launch.

Hanekom said most of the workers had previously been unemployed… so the project had brought real benefits.

He added that it might be the beginning of further partnerships as the Department of Tourism was working on the notion of Working for Tourism – along the lines of Working on Water and Working on Fire – to provide permanent, part-time jobs.

Hanekom said it was a new programme and still in development.

However, it could develop “to involve people being employed to protect sites, keep them clean and safe, and provide information to visitors”.

The False Bay Nature Reserve, which is between Grassy Park and False Bay, is a designated Ramsar site – a wetland of international significance and the only one in Cape Town.

Gillian Davids, the office manager for contractors Designscape Architects, described the project as a “labour of love”.

She said the concept of upgrading “the community, by the community, for the community” was a winning recipe.

“It created an opportunity to better the circumstances of our community.”

Davids said about 240 people had been employed over the 2½ years, and had received training in plastering, paving, security, office management and life skills.

“The transformation of the facilities is visible but the biggest transformation was the work done by the people who had a great work ethic and did the work with pride and dedication.”

Neilson said the reserve was a unique national asset with prolific birdlife and critically endangered Cape Flats sand fynbos.

Environmental education was a key focus.

He said it was an intergovernmental project, which had worked well.

“When there is goodwill and we all agree on an approach, we get good results.”

Cape Argus

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Southern Charter Grand Slam 1: Zeekoevlei Yacht Club this weekend- live rugby on the big screen

Southern Charter Grand Slam 1: Zeekoevlei Yacht Club


Host: Zeekoevlei Yacht Club
Date: 19 Sept – 20 sept
All Dinghies welcome

Prizes –
High Constantia Champagne
Ferrero Rocher Chocolates
Sparkling Grape Juice

Saturday Morning (08:30 – 10:30)
please come and collect your goodie bag

On the water- Daily Races
The daily start times for the event will be as follow (weather dependant):
Saturday 19th September from 11:30
Sunday 20th September 9:30 Bart’s. Thereafter normal racing to continue.

Entertainment –
“Hunger Buster” meal and ZVYC cocktails at sunset.
Live music
Big screen World Cup Rugby, Springboks vs. Japan
Coffee Pronto
Braais and Galley open for meals

Family & Kids
Jumping castle, beautiful lawns for relaxing on and swimming pool

The Yacht Club caterers will have food and drinks available at the Yacht Club

Event more information
The event is open to Dinghies, Multihulls and the fleet will be spread over two courses.
Entertainment details, for competitors and supporters, will be supplied closer to the event.

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CAMPS’ Princess Vlei Concept Proposal has the backing of 5 main Khoisan groups for the Khoisan village

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Deadline to respond to City’s draft Princess Vlei Framework is 20 September 2015

The City of Cape Town presented a Draft Concept Development Framework for the Greater Princess Vlei Area to the public for comment.

The deadline to submit comments on this Draft concept is 20 September 2015.

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